Dan Reeves
President Emeritus / Co-Founder

Dan Reeves is a shooting instructor and coach in the clay target and wing shooting sports, former “All American” world champion competitor, and shooting exhibition performer. Reeves and his wife founded Hip Shot! Productions in 1971 to serve as the vehicle for his shooting and firearms activities, which range from his own competitive shooting, to coaching Olympic hopefuls, instructing celebrities for charity event competitions, Chief Shooting Instructor for numerous organizations, designing public and private sporting clay courses, and writing magazine articles for Guns and Ammo and Shotgun Sports.

Reeves was three-time captain of TEAM U.S.A. in world competition. For four seasons he was seen on ESPN’s “Star Shot” series as color commentator and performer. He appeared on “Ron Shearer’s Great American Outdoors” six times, as well as a number of internationally-aired television sports shows. He is one of only a few people to have appeared on ABC Television’s “That’s Incredible” and “Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports” twice. In 1989, Reeves demonstrated his shooting talents for tens-of-thousands of spectators at the Hippodrome in Paris and at Chambord Castle in Southern France, and during his career he has performed shooting exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Scotland and England.

During his career he has been selected for sponsorship funding and spokesperson duties by Perazzi, Beretta, Remington, Rossi, Mossberg, Armusa Ammunition, ACTIV Industries, Bob Allen Sportswear, and Moore-N-Moore Sporting Clays. Reeves holds life memberships in USA Shooting, the NRA, and the CRPA.

In September, 1989, in an incredible display of shooting, using 15 new Beretta A303′s, a lot of 12-gauge ammunition, and a team of gun handlers, Dan set a world record by smashing 2,283 clay targets in one hour on a regulation Skeet field, all shot from the hip.

Retired from competition since 1992, Reeves’ focus is on promoting the shooting sports. With his live performances, video instruction, television and radio appearances, he has been seen by millions of people all over the world performing his shotgun shooting exhibitions. The Stars and Stripes Foundation shares Reeves’ enthusiasm for the shooting sports and is appreciative of being able to benefit from his showmanship and promotion and event management experience as an officer on the Board.

CSM (USAVR) Mark Christianson
US Army Special Forces, Retired
President / Co-Founder

Mark Christianson is a retired United States Army Special Forces soldier with 22 years of service. Mark began his military career with the United States Navy and retired from the United States Army Special Forces in the early 1990s. After his retirement, Mark joined the United States Volunteers, Joint Services Command (USV-JSC), where he maintains current orders in the rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM) for the state of California, Nevada and Utah. http://www.usvjsc.org/index111312.html

Christianson is a 100% disabled veteran and currently volunteers his time providing training for the United States and worldwide police and military tactical units, including the FBI, US Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Border Patrol, Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Mark has worked closely with the military with pre-deployment training for service members of the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Army and United States Air Force, active duty, reserve and National Guard units serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as key military interests around the world. He has personally participated in training his own son who completed his third deployment to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, Mark also conducts volunteer training sessions for the governments and militaries of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal, to note a few.

While on active duty, Christianson has trained and worked with some of the most elite US and foreign military services and law enforcement units from around the world and continues to serve today, in a civilian capacity. The Stars and Stripes Foundation is honored to have him put his military and training experience to work as an officer of the Board.

Lisa Christianson
VP Operations / Treasurer

Lisa works as an Environmental Protection Specialist for the United States government. At present, Lisa is specializing in Air Resources for the Bureau of Land Management in Las Vegas and also serves as the agency’s hazardous material/waste specialist in Southern Nevada. She is one of a small handful of Air Resource Specialists in the United States, for the BLM, and has spent the last twenty years working for the Department of Defense and the Department of the Interior.

Lisa earned a bachelor degree in business (BBA) in 1992 and an masters degree in business (MBA) in 1994, along with numerous professional certifications in hazardous waste operations, air quality, environmental law, and electrical safety, to name a few. Lisa is also a certified emergency first responder as well as a hazardous waste first responder, level A, SCBA certified.

Lisa has considerable shooting experience with handguns, shotguns and long rifles. She is an experienced range master and shooting events coordinator. Her classes include Combat Pistol, level 1-3, Combat Shotgun, level 1-2 and has trained with United States Marine Corps MOUT training personnel, Camp Pendleton, CA, along with several SWAT and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

In addition to being Mark’s wife, Lisa is the mother of a Marine Corps Officer (Naval Academy graduate Class of 2007) who served in Afghanistan as a USMC C-130 pilot, and a US Army Soldier (Psy Op) who served in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan, earning a Bronze Star. Mark and Lisa have four beautiful grandchildren, Jack (8), Rory (4), Finn Patrick (2) and Ellie Anne (6 mos).

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